15 Long Bob Hairstyles You Are Sure to Fall In Love With

When it comes a classic hairstyle that women love, the “bob” ranks up there at the top of the list. While many women will surely go for the short or medium length cut we think taking it to a whole new level and going with the LOB is in trend this year. From the curls to deep waves from the deep side parts to the asymmetric haircuts you have options to choose from for days and days.

Two of the best parts about these long bob hairstyles are that they don’t require you to cut any of your length for the most part and you have styles that are easy both wear and style. Check out some of the photos below in our gallery of styles and take them to your hairstylist for your next cut.

Longer Layered Sleek Cut

When you want that smoothed-out layered but classic style this is the go-to haircut. Something that never goes out of style is this layering when paired with bangs and straight hair. Its not only easy to style and wear but easy to maintain as well. Add a little style to the cut by sweeping the bangs to the side and allowing them to be a little bit longer than normal.

Leaving hair damp you want to now apply your straightening cream. Put a little bit in your hands and gently massage the cream through your hair. Once done now comb it through to make sure the product is evenly distributed throughout your hair.

Put your hair into sections and blow dry your hair using a round brush. Take the sections that you are not blow drying and clip it up so that they are not in your way. As you dry the sections you will wind to turn the ends under with the brush and smooth it out. Once you have the hair completely dry get your shine serum and apply a small amount to smooth out the ends.

You will only need a little bit of serum as it goes a long way. This haircut and style will work for round, long, heart, and oval-shaped faces. You can either part on the side or do a deep center part and will still have a fantastic look. It also works for women with medium or thick hair.

Easy Stunning Looking Beachy LOB

Women are loving the beachy waves these days and when it comes to a longer bob style this one is easy to style and great to wear. Not only is this a look that can be worn to the 8 to 5 day job but it also looks great for a night out or a day at the beach. Adding some color and swept fringe can really make this hairstyle look amazing.

Once you have done this you will need to apply some beach wave hairspray. With your paddle brush blow dry your hair. Make sure you don’t over dry your hair as this is a look that is all about the texture so don’t make it too straight.

When your hair is dry put it into three sections: two sides and the back. Secure in section with clips. Work one section at a time starting with the back section and take 1 to 2 inch of the section and wrap your hair around your curling iron. Hold that hair for 3-5 seconds and then let it drop and cool. Complete the entire section and move to the next one.

Once all the curls have cooled a bit you will want to mist the hair again with beach wave spray (that you can make yourself) and give your hair a good shake. Using your fingers you can gently separate the curls and style your bangs. You need to make sure your beach hairspray not only hold the waves but also helps create texture and movement. Your spray should not be heavy or it will weight do your hair and make you feel like you have a lot of product in your hair.

This is a hairstyle that looks great for women with almost any face shape from round to elongated. You will not have a problem styling this look with wavy, straight or curly hair and the beachy LOB stuns with fine, medium or thick hair. Dress up the look with a flower or hair clip.

Face Framing Cut with Bangs

As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it” this is one of those already great styles for your bob. There is nothing to do to haircut and the sleek finish to this already classic ‘do is perfect for wearing during the day and at night. The eye-skimming bangs can easily be swept to the side for whole other look but try this one first.

With your hair clean and damp you want to grab some thickening cream and apply to your hair. Once you have put the cream or mousse on your hair comb through with a wide tooth comb and make sure it is evenly distributed.

Take out your blow dryer and begin the blow drying your hair making sure you start at your bangs first using a comb. You want to make sure that your fringe area is dry and look like you want them. With the comb and blow dryer you want to comb the fringe straight down and side to side. This will allow for them to have movement while they lay straight on your forehead.

Now that the bangs are taken care of you need to continue with the rest of the hair and dry the tresses in sections. The hair that is not being dried should be up and clipped so that it doesn’t get in your way. With an oval or round brush o help turn your ends under slightly. You don’t’ want too much of a curled look for your ends.

When you have completely dried you hair take a look and see if your hair is super straight all over. If there are some troubled areas that are not as straight as the should be smooth those out with your flat iron. Be sure to spray some thermal protectant before ironing your hair. Finish the look with mist spray and you are done and ready to go.

For getting a great shine, hold and volume you should take a look at some of the products like Pravana’s Density Volumizing foam. If you want extreme volume you add it to your root all the way to your ends. A haircut like this works for round, heart, oval, square, and diamond shaped faces. This long bob with bangs works for thinner or thicker hair.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

We really enjoy checking out asymmetrical cuts as they offer one of those gotta have looks. The idea is to have one side long that will not only look great but adds some interest and spice to the cut. You can go with a short side part or a deep one. Use the hair to frame the face and where it curly or straight.

Wash and clean your hair but while damp add volumizing cream and comb through to make sure the cream is applied evenly throughout your hair. Remove 80-90 percent of the moisture from your hair by blow drying with a vent brush. Now you will need to switch over to a large round brush. By doing so you save yourself time of trying to do the whole hair with the round brush.

Clip you hair up so that you can dry the hair in sections with the round brush. While you are drying the hair you want to direct the hair on both sides of your head from the ears forward while tucking the ends under. This will give you that nice neat forward curved appearance. For most women this will be enough however if the round brush doesn’t get the hair completely straight flat iron the hair.

Take shine serum in your hand and apply it to your head. Start at your ends and work your way up making sure the product is throughout the entire head. If you have thinner hair make sure you are using a good thickening lotion that will not weigh your hair down. From round to square faces most face shape and hair density will work with this look.

Give Me Beauty and Volume

If you are looking for volume with your next long bob cut this is one look that is great for a night out with your girlfriends or dinner with that special someone. This LOB haircut gives both beauty and fun not to mention plenty of volumes to go around. Go to a special event to go to? This is a crowd pleaser and show stopper.

Take your good root volumizer spray and apply to damp hair. To make sure you to over-saturate any one particular spot comb through your hair with a wide too comb and mist ends with a blow-drying spray.

Now take your small to medium round brush and blow dry your hair. What this will do is help to hold the curls while adding the extra volume you will want and need for this style. While you are blow drying your hair be sure to lift hair away and up. Some blow dryers have a cool shot on them, if yours does use if before you remove the brush from the ends.

Once you have finished with the blow drying you need to apply some soft wax to your hands and activate it by rubbing your hands together. Start at your ends and run fingers all throughout your hair. For those women looking for more curls than they were able to get using the round brush grab to handy 1″ curling iron and go to work. Wrap the hair around the iron and hold for only 10 seconds and then let hair cool. When cooled gently separate curls with your fingers.

This style will look amazing with round, square, heart or oval shaped faces. For women with thick to fine hair you will find this wonderful long bob is easily to style. If you find that your curls are falling flat after you blow dry your hair you may want to go back with the 1 inch curling iron and after curling the sections pin the curls up and allow them to cool.

Sometimes Longer is Better

For some women going with the longer version of the classic bob hairstyle is simply better for them. Not only is the look great but the also don’t have to worry about losing any of the length they have grown out. You can dress up your hair, curl it up, leave it wavy, or even wear it super sleek and straight. Below you will find the rest of these amazing long bob hairstyles for you to wear.

Gallery of 15 Long Bob Hairstyles You Are Sure to Fall In Love With

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