Adding Hair to The Natural Hair of the Head

In this way, natural categories of thin hair or artificial material nylon are added to the hair. Some bodies use this method for making long hair or Somebodies use them for thicker Showing of hair, of course, you can choose a different color of your natural hair until they are used as light or mesh.

These hairs have a suitable gender and are added to hair by a specialist.

Totally mixed with natural hair and will be unrecognizable. Also consultation with a dermatologist is adequate for the beauty and health of hair and head skin.

One of the simplest ways of extension is in this way, at first a category of thin hair is separated from your hair and Slightly higher of hair roots, and are put on it by an extension category thin hair.

With a Special clip Or tongs, this hair is compressed and the heat of tongs melts the glue and artificial hair Sticks to natural hair.

This was is famous for thermal Connection.

Of Course moreover, this way, with clips and thread can connect artificial hair to natural hair. Don’t forget that certainly hair adding is done by an educated and experienced person. You can raise your hair maximum, of 20 or 26 cm.

Attend to this that length and amount of artificial hair to be more, on your head will be more pressure, because of weight these hairs will be increased. High pressure may hurt hair and cause natural hair loss and thinning. The best length, added hair for every woman that has an average Stature is 22 cm or shorter than it.

You can wash artificial hair like natural hair and use Softener. There are special shampoos and lotions for additional hair in the market that you can use in sleeping and Swimming time and for beauty and more protection of hair.

More extensions last about 2 or 4 months between your hair. Of course, the durability of these hairs depends on the opinion and care practices of a person. If you want to know this hair after how long, do they take Some distance from the head to bottom, We should say the Speed of hair growth every month is almost 1.52 cm and every year is 15 cm. Whatever you ago to be more, reduce your hair growth speed, so your hair takes some distance from the head bottom.

* – Artificial hair damages: Some people take headaches because the traction of hair is a lot. Sometimes glue or own artificial hair will cause head skin allergies. The last thing is you want to raise your hair suddenly, and always take care of them equally, wail for the damage, but use excess hair for a short time and only some centimeters higher, has fewer dangers and problems.

Gather your hair on your head when sleeping. Putting these hairs under your head, Causes your hair to be unsorted and knotted.

You shouldn’t, yourself color add hair at home.

For avoiding hair tangles, always take your hand inside of added hair borders and pull towards down.

Don’t use tough and another styling that have silicon for added hair. This work Causes Separate from their Connection point.

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