Best Long Hairstyle For Women With Oval Face

Long Hairstyles with Layers for Oval Faces

As we know, there are two aspects of hairstyling. Those aspects are face shapes ad hair types. In face shapes, we have long, oval, square, and round faces. In hair types, there are some classes, such as thick, thin, fine, and others.

Oval faces are one of many face shapes that easily to be applying some hairstyles. It makes there are many hairstyle variants that exist for oval faces. For example is, long hairstyles with layers for oval faces. This hairstyle will give a glamorous look if you apply this hairstyle correctly. This article is going to try to guide you to apply this hairstyle to get a great appearance.

You can apply wave variants on your long hairstyles with layers for oval faces to get a great appearance. This variant is also applied by Hollywood actress, Samantha Harris. To apply this variant, you can begin by volumizing your damp hair after showering. Let your hair dry to get a natural texture. After your hair dry, curl your hair starting from the bottom half with a small curling iron. Twist the barrel outward of your face to create a voluminous effect. After all your hair is curled, comb through your hair with your fingers. For the finishing touch, apply strong-hold hairspray to get last longer result.

We have another suggestion for your long hair with layers for oval faces. The best way to get a great appearance is by applying a coloring process on your hair. You don’t have to spend much time applying it. Besides, you can apply it by yourself at home.

Some women also apply bangs to get a unique appearance. You can choose full bangs or side-wept bangs to increase your confidence. Make it last longer by using hold hairspray in the finishing process.

Layered Long Hairstyle For Women With Oval Shaped Face

If you have both an oval face and thick and long hair, then you might find it too hard to control or manage your hair. What you can do is to have your haircut with front layers. These will help accentuate your best assets other than getting attention to your oval face.

These hairstyles can be extra helpful to those looking to fine-tune their hairstyle and at the same time divert people’s attention away from their somehow oblong faces. Not just that, you can expect these layers to give your hair that weight without looking wimpy. You can use the front layered hairstyle to flatter your face’s shape. What you can do is to start the layers at your cheekbones.

On the other hand, you may want to start the layers above your cheekbones if you have a somehow square jawline. Nevertheless, getting front layers is one of the best hairstyles to flatter your oval-shaped face and thick and long hair.

Now, manage your hair even better and wear those front layers anywhere. These versatile layers can perfectly suit your personality and style. So, what are you waiting for? Have these gorgeous looking layers today! Stay tuned with us for more about the latest in-front layered hairstyles for long hair.

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