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Versatile Hairstyles

Having a versatile hairstyle is very important. You want your hairstyle and haircut to be able to work for all parts of your life. For example, you might think that a pink spiky short hairstyle is perfect for your party lifestyle, but what happens when you need to show up for work on Monday morning?

Part of having a versatile haircut is knowing what length to get as well as making the most of your styling products. For example, if you have long hair, you probably have the most versatile hairstyle available. You can leave it down for a sexy look, put it up in a bun for a conservative office look, or wear a ponytail for a sporty look.

The other thing to consider is how you can use product in your hair. For example, if you absolutely must have pink hair for a Saturday night party, but can’t show up to work looking like a rocker, consider using a temporary hair dye that will wash out the next day. Similarly, if you like spiky hair, consider spiking it with product instead of a cut that forms it that way.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, you need to consider a few things before taking the plunge. Consider the questions on the next page before your next haircut.

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Hairstyle Maintenance

Some of us are able to wake up in the morning, roll out of bed, and not worry about fixing our hair. Others take minutes or even hours trying to tame their mane into perfection. The real question that you need to answer in this step towards finding your perfect hairstyle is: which person are you?

Hairstyles generally fall into one of three categories when it comes to maintenance required: low, normal, and high. Depending on your lifestyle, you should choose a hairstyle (and hair cut) that has the right level of maintenance for you. Here are some thoughts for when it comes to deciding which maintenance level you should pick for your hair.

Low Maintenance:

Description: You can roll out of bed and in less than three minutes, have a perfect hairdo. Hairstyles that are low maintenance are often ones that are predictable and calm. For example, a low maintenance hairstyle for someone with long hair would be a bun or ponytail with a baseball had over top. For those who really don’t want to deal with hair in the morning, there’s always the option of going bald (which, I have to admit, is a better option for guys than for girls).

Ideal Candidates: You should consider this style if you are very busy and don’t have much time to devote to looking good every day – but you still want to look good, just without all the fuss.

Normal Maintenance:

Description: Normal maintenance hairstyles are, well, normal. They typically require some work to make them look good, but not an extraordinary amount. People with these hairstyles tend to get their hair cut every month or two and spend about 10 – 15 minutes fixing their hair every morning. In general, these hairstyles will require some type of styling product (either hair spray, mouse, gel, etc.), but will not require multiple products and a professional hair styling certificate to make it look good.

Ideal Candidates: People who want something that looks good and aren’t afraid to spend a couple minutes fixing their hair. However, these people also know the value of their time and in their priority list, good hair is just that – good enough. It doesn’t have to be “great”.

High Maintenance:

Description: A high maintenance hairstyle will take some time to get right every day. And, it will probably require touch ups throughout the day as well. If your hair requires more than 30 minutes to make it “beautiful”, then it falls into the high maintenance category. Examples of high maintenance hairstyles include: mohawks, perfect ringlets worn by someone with naturally straight hair, and fancy up-dos.

Ideal Candidate: Everyone needs a high maintenance hair day for special occasions, but unless you have plenty of time on your hands, the everyday high maintenance hairstyle should not be tackled. People who are perfect for this maintenance level are people whose appearance is part of the job, such as actors, models, and other public figures.

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