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Jetset Hairstyles

Relatively inexpensive air travel has given most of us fast access to the "global village." Air travel was once strictly for the jet set, but now that it is no longer exclusive, no one pretends (not even the first-class passengers) that they feel glamorous after a U-hour flight. Even though the in-flight wellbeing programs give …

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Get a Practical Hairstyle

Versatile Hairstyles Having a versatile hairstyle is very important. You want your hairstyle and haircut to be able to work for all parts of your life. For example, you might think that a pink spiky short hairstyle is perfect for your party lifestyle, but what happens when you need to show up for work on …

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keratin treatment

Things You Should Know About Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatmenta.k.a “miracle straightening treatment” is actually a new means of eliminating ugly frizzy hair and even having hair softer, even more pleasing to touch. Yet, the process isn’t free of controversy, particularly the Brazilian keratin hair treatment. Our body produces keratin, however, the process decreases when we get older. Keratin is an all-natural …

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Mens Hair Care Tips

Hair Care: Tackling Lice

Lice or head lice are parasites that cause embarrassing scalp-itching syndrome. Though not a serious ailment, it can definitely make hell of one’s daily life. It adversely affects the level of concentration of the patient what with the incessant itching forcing the person to focus solely on curbing that acutely irritant habit. Health studies have …

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