Hair Loss After Pregnancy

When it comes for hair loss after pregnancy, don’t worry this is just a side effect. There are so many hormonal changes in your body that causes hair loss after pregnancy, and this is not the only change that will happen to your organism after giving birth.

The logical explanation of hair loss after pregnancy is that the estrogen level is too low after childbirth.

Many changes appear in your body during pregnancy, especially with your hormones. You will have a higher level of progesterone and estrogen in your organism and after you give birth these levels will drop suddenly and this is why this problem, hair loss after pregnancy, appears. Because the hair follicles are slipping into the resting stage due to the lower levels of this hormones after your baby will be born they will begin to fall. This phenomenon, hair loss after pregnancy, usually appears between 3 and 6 months after you give birth.

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There is another cause for hair loss after pregnancy. Many pregnant women take a lot of oral contraceptives for a long time after they want to get pregnant and when they start to wish for a baby they discontinue birth control. This also causes a suddenly drop of hormonal levels that will induce hair loss. Because of this many women associate the hair loss problem with pregnancy and decide to try short haircuts when everything is about renouncing oral contraceptives.

Hair loss after pregnancy is temporary so don’t worry about it, it’s just a normal response of your body to all the hormonal changes that happen during your beautiful period of pregnancy. All the hair that will fall is already replaced by new hair that will grow right after the phenomenon of hair loss after pregnancy appears.

So if you think that all of your beautiful hair will fall and won’t grow back don’t worry it’s just temporary, and after a period the hair loss after pregnancy phenomenon will be washed away by the new, shiny and healthier hair.

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There is no remedy for hair loss after pregnancy, just patience and time. Wait and see that this will pass because like I already mentioned, hair loss after pregnancy it’s temporary.

Be a beautiful mom and don’t worry, all this will pass. Your hormonal levels will be back again and your hair will be renewed after you give birth to your child.

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