Hair Loss Vitamins: Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets

When my daughter gave birth two years ago, one of the very unfortunate side effects of her pregnancy was hair loss. Prior to this incident, no one in my family knew that there are some women out there who can lose their hair because of pregnancy. Known as Telogen effluvium, my daughter started losing her long beautiful hair around three months after delivering her baby. It started by coming out in clumps, and she thought she was shedding more than normal, which the doctor had told her does happen to some women.

The doctors had told us that Telogen effluvium is temporary and that after a few months, her hair would start to grow back to normal within six months. So she waited for the six months to pass and she'd check on her hair often, hoping it would thicken the way it did before. At the end of the waiting period, she realized two things. The first, that her once thick hair was getting too thin for comfort and was not thickening. The second, that she still seemed to be losing more hair than before. She panicked.

Realizing she had a hair loss problem, she decided to go to our “hair care guru,” my wife's dermatologist. Under her supervision, I had prolonged my own hair loss, and I'm doing relatively well at maintaining my current hair while reversing some of the baldness. It was also thanks to her suggestions that my son was able to clear his scalp of dandruff and strengthen his hair from excessive shedding. Yes, it was a two-person track record, but it was a track record all the same.

Though she echoed the beliefs of my daughter's gynecologist and said that the hair might still start growing normally, in order to make my daughter feel better, my wife's dermatologist suggested that my daughter use Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets. Since my daughter had already stopped breastfeeding, she didn't see any problems with the supplement.

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets

Doing my own research on the pills, I found that Viviscal hair nutrient tablets have been around for a while. They are a European product that provides natural hair nourishment. Each tablet is formulated with Acerola cherry extract (contains Vitamin C), glycerol, horstail extract, magnesium stearate,  microcrystalline cellulose, and hydoxypropyl methylcellulose. However, its main ingredient is AminoMar C Marine complex or marine protein extract.

Having marine protein as a main ingredient means those with seafood or shellfish allergies cannot use the product, and this is perhaps the only less than ideal characteristic of this product. It is one of the main reasons why it was important that my daughter was no longer breastfeeding. The shellfish extract may be bad for the baby, since babies shouldn't have shellfish till they're around three years old.

According to the box, someone experiencing hair loss should take the tablet twice a day for six months. My daughter started taking one pill with breakfast and another with dinner everyday. In about three months time, she noticed that her hair was becoming thicker and it was growing faster! She was no longer shedding in clumps in the shower. She also noticed that the hair on her arms and legs were also growing faster. The hair on her head was getting stronger, as well, very minimal breakage, and it looked really healthy and shiny!

With such great results, I decided to get my own bottle of Viviscal! Since I am already doing other things to help reverse my hair loss, I decided to take it easy and take only one pill a day. It's been two months, and since having added Viviscal to my regimen, my hair seems to have gotten thicker and stronger! No new hair growth or change in how quickly the hair grows, but I'm sure it will definitely get there!

My daughter is on her last month of Viviscal, but she plans to continue taking the hair loss vitamin, switching to one tablet a day for the next six months. She really likes its effects of her hair and she swears her hair had never looked so good in all her life. Both she and I recommend this product to anyone who suffered from hair loss due to pregnancy, as well as those who think they might be going bald and want to strengthen their hair.

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