Homemade Hair Treatments for Beautiful Short Hair

Home remedy hair care most times is the cheapest and best way to treat your hair problems. Hair is produced in small skin pockets. These small skin pockets are called follicles. The developed area in the follicles that develops hair is known as papilla. Hair is produced by a protein termed as keratin. Hair works as an indicator; by the general look of a person’s hair, you can judge the poor or sound health of the person. The hair that grows on the scalp of a human, are categorized in to three types such as dry hair, oily hair and normal hair. Dry hair is thin, brittle and rough. Dry hair needs more nourishment and care. Dry hair has split ends and looks dry because of the inactiveness of the oil glands. When shampoo is used, controlling dry hair becomes very difficult. You can identify dry hair by its dull look. . Dry hair is caused due to lack of the mineral zinc. Oily hair becomes sticky due to the secreted excess oil from oil glands, hence almost daily shampooing is required for oily hair. Dirt and dust adhere to oily hair making care more complicated. Normal hair needs less care to maintain; just a balanced diet is required to maintain healthy normal hair.


Home Remedy Hair Care For Dry Hair:

Make a mixture consisting of one-cup milk of coconut and two-tablespoon flour of gram. Massage this paste into the scalp gently and wash with water after five minutes. This mixture should be applied once a week. Alternatively you can use olive oil or warm almond for massaging the scalp. A mixture of one tablespoon of glycerin, one tablespoon of castor oil, one teaspoon of protein, one teaspoon of cider vinegar with one tablespoon of mild natural shampoo, can be used as a conditioner. This conditioner may be applied on the scalp for 20 minutes before washing it with water. A diet rich in zinc may be given to a person with dry hair. For shiny and soft hair, take one teaspoon of lavender oil mix it with some coconut oil (heat the coconut oil before mixing for a few seconds) and massage it into the scalp in the night. Then shampoo it the next morning; this exercise may be followed for two times a week.

Hair should be washed with a mild shampoo on a regular basis. Astringent can be used on the scalp to absorb the surplus hair oil. You should also wash your oily hair with the mixture of one teaspoon of aloe Vera gel mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in quarter-part shampoo. Apply carrot puree for 15 minutes on the scalp before washing your oily hair.

applying conditioner on hair

Home Remedy Hair Care for Oily Hair:

Apply a puree of cucumber for 15 minutes and rinse the hair; this will render the hair heavy and it will give a shine to the normal hair. For glowing normal hair, apply one teaspoon of ground seeds of fenugreek that were soaked overnight, for one hour before washing with water then apply the shampoo the next day. For healthy-looking of normal hair, white vinegar should be used periodically for washing the hair. Drink a cup of spinach juice with lettuce for more benefits.

Gum in hair also causes problems that can be cured by rubbing a batch of peanut butter on gum hair. For a quick result, a comb with a fine pick must be used. Some home remedies hair care solutions like rum shampoo, egg-shampoo, hair tonic and hair conditioners can be used to treat your particular hair care problems. Many people like the use of a home remedy hair care solution for it saves them time from running to the store and saves them money at the same time.

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