How to Apply Braids Sister Locks Hairstyles

The braids Sister locks hairstyle is a fairly new hairstyle popular among African American women. The braid's Sister locks differ from traditional dreadlocks because the individual pieces are much smaller than conventional dreadlocks. This hairstyle is formed using the existing hair of a woman; by licensed stylists’ braids Sister lock certificates in the system.

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Instructions to make braids Sister locks hairstyles

1. Consult a certified stylist in the braids Sister locks system. You can find one on the official site braids Sister locks. The site provides a directory of certified stylists in every state in the United States. During the consultation, the stylists have some braids Sister locks placed in your hair so you can get an idea of how your hair will look after the actual application session.

2. Apply shampoo to your hair before the application process. Your hair must be completely clean before beginning the process. You can use any brand of shampoo you want. The stylist can only apply braids Sister locks in clean hair. Before you apply the braids Sister locks hairstyles, you must have at least 1 1/2 inches (3.8 cm) of new hair grown. The braid's Sister locks start from the new hair that holds it in place.

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3. Create braids Sister Locks during the session with the stylist certificate. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, the session can take up to 18 hours to complete. During the session, your hair will be sectioned and braids Sister Locks be placed in the hair, section by section. The stylist will provide an official beginner kit for the application session. The kit includes bands for washing, tip sheets and shampoo.

4. Shampooed your new braids Sister locks twice before returning to the stylist for the follow-up visit. Apply shampoo that will relax and fall naturally.

5. Adjust braids Sister Locks during the follow-up visit. This is used to adjust braids that have loosened after your initial visit. The stylist will also teach you how to keep your braids Sister locks hairstyles.

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