How to Choose Your Hair Loss Doctor

Whether you are a man or a woman, hair loss is a stressful issue that needs to be addressed. Because there are different causes of hair loss, there are also different ways to address the issue. Many people go straight to addressing the problem or to treatment without first finding the root cause of their hair loss. This often happens because they don't realize that choosing a hair loss doctor that is right for you is an important part of the treatment process.

Hair Loss Doctor

When people don't know where to go, they often go see a general practitioner. This type of doctor can help steer you in the direction of the proper doctor to consult with. Some GPs know enough about hair loss to recommend specific medical tests for you to undergo which will help determine the underlying cause of your hair loss.

The second doctor to see (though some see them first) is a dermatologist. These doctors specialize in skin problems and problems with the appendages of the skin, which includes hair. Some dermatologists even specialize in very specific skin problems, such as infectious diseases and congenital syndromes. The best type of dermatologist to see is that who is familiar with conditions involving the scalp.

Next, see an endocrinologist. Many men and women do not realize that hair loss can be caused by hormone problems. Endocrinologists specialize in the endocrine organs and the hormones these organs secrete. They can do tests on your various endocrine organs to see if any of them are causing the hair loss problem. The thyroid organ is a common culprit for hair loss, but the over or under secretion of hormones from any of the other organs can result in hair loss as well.

Hair Loss Doctor 2

Before going to see your various doctors, be sure to do some research on your problem. Make a list of your symptoms and when you started noticing them. This can help doctors determine how serious the problem is. Apart from this, do research on the doctors as well. Ask others if they've tried the doctor your are about to see or if the doctor you plan on visiting has treated hair loss problems before. You can do this by simply asking the doctor's receptionist over the phone.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a doctor is to make sure that this doctor explains everything to you and is supportive of your problem. If your doctor is supportive, you will usually feel comfortable with them and their decisions. Plus, getting them to explain different aspects of hair loss and treatment to you will help you fully understand what is going on, which is very important for a patient. Remember, you want a doctor who will conduct tests to check and see if there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed, not one that just prescribes a topical treatment without even verifying what is causing your hair loss.

Once you've gone to several doctors, choose one that will be your main hair loss doctor. This should be the one you are most comfortable with, and the one who is most willing to listen to you and to the feedback from the other doctors.

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