The Right Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

You won’t probably find a hairstyle that is more elegant than an updo. Whether you want a fabulous evening look or need to look great for a wedding, an updo is a style to choose. The style fits a woman of any age and can be created with any type of hair. Even women with short hair have options. If you want to make any night on the town memorable, then this is the style to choose.

A Little Girl’s Updo

An updo is a beautiful style for a woman as well as for a little girl. Any young girl who wants to look more grown up will love this hairstyle. Today, the updos designed for young girls are not only stylish but trendy too. Fortunately, to create a basic updo, you only need a few tools and your imagination. You can even use hair color if you so choose. Play around a little with the look to determine what works best.

Again, the updo is ideal for special occasions or when you want to give your little girl a more grown-up or sophisticated look. In addition, the style is low maintenance. While some may prefer to use a blow dryer to straighten the hair others might opt for creating the style with natural hair. Regardless of what you decide, you first need to start with shampooed hair.

Creating the Look:

Step One – Wash and Condition the Hair

Therefore, the first step you want to follow in creating the look is to wash and condition the hair. Apply moisturizer on the head – begin with the roots and work to the ends.

Step Two – Smooth and Blow Dry, then Smooth into a Bun

Next, smooth the hair entirely with your fingers. Use a round brush while blow drying the hair. Smooth the hair back with care and direct it upward. Then pull back the natural hair into a bun.

Step Three – Add Some Color

Position and clip hair swatches in different colors on the bun. Blend the natural hair and swatches on top of the head. Pull out a few strands of hair and arrange them around the bun before applying a small amount of hair moisturizer to the hair.


Twist and Bun Updo

flat twist high bun with hair rings

If you are a woman who is consistent with your hairstyle, you naturally want to have an updo that will last longer. In this instance, you will like the Twist and Bun Updo style – a classic style from the 40s. This is one of those fun and interesting updos that will provide intrigue for an audience of admirers. People cannot help but be mesmerized by the flair of this updo style.

The nice thing about this style is that it can be worn in informal and formal situations. The addition of large-sized buns converts this regular Mohawk style into a fun hair fashion. This style is especially recommended for women with an oval face shape with any length of natural or smooth hair.

In order to create the Twist and Bun Updo, you only need a bit of patience. Part the hair into two individual horizontal sections. Make the top half slightly bigger than the bottom section. Smooth the sections into two ponytails. Clip the hair into bangs directing the hair towards the facial area. Then place a vertical Mohawk roll and pin into place. Use hairspray to provide a light hold.

Natural Updo Hairstyles

Wearing natural hair for an updo or another hairstyle is becoming more and more common for African-American women. Hair that has not received any chemicals can be made into a fashionable updo too. It takes about 20 minutes to achieve this look.

A Braided Updo

a braided updo for black women

Another updo look that is can be worn for formal or informal events is the braided updo. For braiding the hair, you need to use:

  • A wide tooth comb
  • Rattail comb
  • Moisturizer
  • Hair clips for sectioning the hair

The hair products needed include:

  • A leave-in conditioner (natural formulation)
  • Styling cream (with natural ingredients)

Step One

Begin the styling process by starting out with detangled, clean and stretched hair. Make a large circle section on the top of the head. This section is where the “bump” part will go. Therefore, make it as small or big as you like.

Step Two

Next, part the remaining hair in half, clipping the left side so it is not in the way so you can cornrow the right side. Begin at the nape of the neck, directing the cornrows toward the center part. Switch to a two-strand twist when you run out of space to cornrow the hair. Finish cornrowing the right side.

Simple Three

Switch to the left side and begin cornrowing this section. You can either use a simple or fancy design when cornrowing the hair. In this instance, it probably is better to keep the cornrow look simple so as not to take away from the pompadour styled hair.

Once the cornrows and twists are complete, Dutch braid the hair toward the top and roll and pin the style to finish the look.

A Rhythms and Blue Punk Type Style

bold blue braided bun

You can also enliven the look of an updo with an enormously voluminous weave or lots of long hair. The contrast that gives this style character comes from displaying about five inches of natural root color with dyed strands of hair. This updo gives you a chance to think outside the box and combine different moods. Once the two-toned hair is established, create parts and braids on each side. This style defines urban in every sense of the word.

Given the above information, it is not surprising that the updo continues to be a popular hairstyle among African American women today. You can choose from a number of variations for your updo style. Always make sure you use moisturizer and a leave-in conditioner when you are creating this look or any one of a number of African American hairstyles. Start with a clean head of hair to get rid of any residue and avoid breakage.

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