Ways to Prevent & Treat Dandruff

No one in the world likes dandruff; therefore controlling dandruff is of the uttermost importance. Unwanted dandruff is caused due to seasonal changes or hormonal changes. You can remove them by making use of specialized dandruff shampoo. Then you may roughly wash your hair with clean water after conditioning. Don’t use hats that are tight-fitting. Anxiety and stress also cause dandruff; learn to relax. Maximum dandruff is produced on dry winter days. The natural process of replacing dead cells with new cells in the scalp causes dandruff. Most of us have dandruff; it is most clearly visible when we wear dark clothes. However, controlling dandruff is usually achievable for most people to quit easily.

87997 People also suffer from dandruff due to psoriasis or seborrhea condition. This is a condition when cell turnover is quite high resulting in the production of white flakes or dandruff. For others it is due to stress, hormonal imbalances, infrequent shampooing or greasy products; this causes sebum to form on the scalp; which dries and changes into flakes.

Dandruff is curable in all cases. For curing dandruff find a shampoo that suits you, if a particular shampoo does not suit you then change it with another suitable shampoo until you find one that works. Quit often people will find that either the brands Head & Shoulders or Selsum Blue. Don't use the same shampoo all the time. You should rotate the variety of shampoos or anti-dandruff shampoos. Make a suitable cycle to use different shampoos in the rotation because, due to the use of only one type of shampoo, your scalp becomes habitual to the active ingredient of shampoo and its activeness becomes nullified. Hence the need for different shampoos.

Avoid taking advise and treatments for controlling dandruff from an un-experienced stylist or hair care expert, this is likely to aggravate the problem. You should only consult an experienced and respected hairstylist or hair care expert for simple dandruff problems. For more serious cases of controlling dandruff, you should consult with your family doctor.


Hair braiding is a time-consuming and costly affair. If you need to change your hairstyle, you should consult a stylist, a hairstylist will brief you about the advantages and disadvantages of that particular style and will also give you tips to maintain your new hair look. Further a hair stylist must check for some important information like porosity, hair texture and the type of hair.

Elasticity of hair is a very important property of the hair. Elasticity maintains the original length and shape of the hair without damaging them. Elasticity of hair depends on the levels of keratin and on the sulphide combination in the hair cortex. Chemical treatments like perms, relaxes or bleaching make your hair less elastic, hence stretching hair is limited and hair becomes weak and fragile, some damage to hair may also be caused by artificial or natural sunlight. You can treat poor elasticity of your hair with suitable treatment or conditioners that contain rice, wheat and corn proteins. Keratin protein treatment is also recommended. You should use natural vegetables and proteins that penetrate into the hair through hair shafts immediately to make your hair healthy. Taking care of your hair can control dandruff very well.

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